Our Process

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The Philosophy

Our experience in working in large multi-disciplinary companies or small privately held firms demand the same approach: Define the requirements determine what is needed to succeed in a project or rebuild a department. Architecting solutions requires designing and vetting your requirements, trade-offs and deadlines, and recruit experienced key-players to your staff. This element is often undervalued by search consultants..

Architects offer unique design elements and utilize open space effectively. They work in concert with structural engineers to build with materials and support designs that can bear the stress and safely defy gravity. The same approach applies in building Human Organizations, regardless of size. Yet, organizations and people grow and develop over time disproportionately to one another. This requires continuous adjustments are in order to achieve efficiencies.

When structure and design complement one another, constraints are removed; the organization experiences Flow. Most organizations are unable to achieve flow due to poor structural design, job-person match, unclear performance standards or inadequate training and development. Not every job requires a high functioning gift of leadership. But, every job should be occupied by employees who demonstrate a high functioning display of character. This is the foundation upon which we build.

Our campaigns include the classical process you will find in the Big Four or Nifty Fifty executive search firms. Our strong emphasis upon designing the job with a systems engineering approach and conducting the campaign with traditional project management disciplines allow for a better fit and longer retention.